Friday, 11 March 2016

Reading: Monitor My Reading - Week 6

Learn: To be able to monitor my reading.

1. QUESTION: I wonder? What if? Why? How? -
Answer: Why Edward thought that going to war is cool?
I wonder what Edward is going to say to his father?
How did Mr Archibald know that something was on Edward’s mind?
What if Edward’s father did go to war?

2. VISUALIZE: Images I see... The scene I can picture the clearest is... -
Answer: The scene that I can picture is Mr Archibald telling Edward to sit down. Then Mr Archibald asking him what’s wrong. Edward just exploding about how he feels about his father and he hates him and thinks that he is a coward. But then I see Mr Archibald completely cool and calm and telling him that his father is not a coward and asking how he can hate his own father.

3. INFER: I think the author wants me to know... The author didn't actually say.... but I think... Things seem... -
Answer: I think that the authors wants me to know that going to war and fighting is not the most courageous thing to do. This is because going to war seems cool and seems like a courageous thing to do, but saying no to something that makes you look like a coward, but you know that it is the right thing to do, is something that takes guts and courage.

4. CONNECT: This part reminds me of... My life... The world... Other texts... -
Answer: When Edward thinks that going to war is something cool is reminds me of my cousin Diego. This is because he has also thinks that
getting into fights and going to war or playing with guns is the coolest thing to do.

5. FEEL: Which parts did you have an emotional connection to? How did YOU feel when you read this part? -
Answer: I don’t emotionally connect to this book. But when Mr Archibald told Edward about what his father is doing it just made me realise. That sometimes saying no takes more guts.

6. EVALUATE: Was this good? Why? Why not? What would make it better? -
Answer: I think that this book is great. This is because it really made me think different about war. I also liked it because it shows us that we have to sometimes think about it from our parents point of view.

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