Friday, 4 March 2016

Narrative Writing: The Calming of the Storm

Jesus slowly brang the boat over by the rocky shore and hopped in. We also followed suit and then set off to sea. It was quite a lovely day and I was quite enjoying myself. I think the others were as well. The sun was blazing hot, but with the occasional breeze and cloud, it was still quite cool. 

Everything was going well, until a great storm starting to rise within the waves. The wind picked up and the waves got bigger. Everyone started to panic, everyone but Jesus. He was sleeping peacefully in the corner of the boat. The waves rose up like a lion and started to roar. The wind was like an ear piercing scream that you could not avoid. It was the most horrifying thing that I had ever experienced. “Jesus save us, otherwise we might drown!” I shouted at Jesus. Jesus finally woke and asked “Why are you afraid? Do you not have enough faith?”

Jesus then stood up raised his arms and commanded the waves and winds to calm down. All at once the waves shrinked and the winds went back to a breeze. We all sat there shocked, but amazed at the same time. We did not 
know what to do, so we just sat there stunned. “Who are you? What kind of man is able to command the waves and the wind?” I finally asked breaking the silence. But Jesus just merely smiled and started leading the boat back to the rocky shore.

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