Thursday, 17 March 2016

Soul Friend Day

IMG_0929.JPGThis is my gift from my Soul Friend.
Today is St Patrick’s Day, but for St Pius X Catholic School it is also Soul Friends Day. Soul Friends is when you buddy up a younger student with an older student and they support, comfort and bond together. The concept of Soul Friends originated from Ireland, but the Irish Holy Faith Sisters introduced it to St Pius X School. The Holy Faith Sisters are the group of Nuns that started our school. 

This year my final Soul Friend is Mele. She is 5 years-old, Year 0 and in Room 1. She is beautiful, funny, enthusiastic and loves to read. During Mass Father Felise blessed all the Soul Friends. So after mass Room 7 & 1 sang songs, shared morning tea and bonded. We have Soul Friends at our school so that we can become closer with he/her and God.

Here at St Pius we talk, listen, play and support our Soul Friends everyday. We also read to our Soul Friends and vise-versa. This is called Buddy Reading. This year I would like to be able to support my Soul Friend and get to know her better.

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