Friday, 18 October 2013


“Awesome!” ” It is going to be straight after Morning Tea,” Miss G said. “ I wonder how to play Squash?” my friends said.

Today the first day of Term 4 , we are going to be playing our first Kiwi Sport of the Term, Squash!! Finally Morning Tea had ended and it was time to go. I felt very excited and puzzled at what we were going to be playing. We were playing Squash so we could get some exercise, so we can learn how to play Squash then teach over people and also to have fun!!

When we entered the hall we saw rackets, little yellow balls and a big blue wall. Now I was really puzzled at what we were going to play. When I saw 2 men standing next to the big wall I knew that they were our Instructors.

We sat down next to the wall and the Instructors introduced themselves. Their names were Phil and Michael.

First they asked us if we had ever played Squash. Most of the Class said “no.” So they had like 5 rallies and Michael won nearly all of them. Michael was really good. Now I felt really excited because Squash looked really interesting and fun.

After this Phil and Michael told us some rules. Like the rules were that the ball can only bounce once on the floor. If the ball bounces twice then you are out. If the ball comes back to you just after when you have hit it and the other player is just about to hit you then that is called a Let and that means that this is a replay. Another rule is that whenever you serve you have to serve over the 2nd blue line. And also if you hit the ball over the 3rd blue line then you are out.

After when the Instructors told us the rules we they split us into 2 groups. 1 group will go and play some real Squash and the other group will learn some skills. My group was the group that got to play Squash because the other group wanted to learn some skills first.

SO my group had a period of time to play and I had to admit it was pretty fun. But most of us that played wasn’t very good but then I knew after the 3 sessions we would make a improvement. I felt kind of tired after playing because it was pretty hard.

After playing Squash we went with the other Instructor Phil. He taught us some skills like bouncing the ball on the racket and bouncing the ball on both sides of the rackets. And also we could bounce the ball on the steel edge of the racket, Phil was really good at it. He taught us a lot of tricks and skills. These skills were really cool as well.

After the tricks and skills our lesson was over and everyone had to sit by the blue wall again. Then after this Phil and Michael asked us what what was the rules that we learned today. We only said like 2 or 3 rules.

Squash was created in the 1830’s by a School called Harrow. The Students discovered that Rackets, Balls and a wall could be such so fun. They soon discovered that it involved 2 opponents then started to play with 2 people, then later on it became an international game. The 2 best people to play Squash are Ramy Ashour and Nicol David. Ramy Ashour is the best man and Nicol David is the best woman. Their usual points that they usually score are around the thousand’s

When you play Squash you would need to wear a t-shirt. Some comfortable shoes and some protective eye wear. You have to wear protective eye wear because the ball that you hit is really fast and then it might come and hit you in the eye then that would really hurt.

After this awesome session I really enjoy playing Squash because it was really fun and challenging. Next time I go to Squash I hope that I have improved. I like Squash.

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