Monday, 23 September 2013

The Day of Days!!!

“ It is finally here, I have been waiting for this day for 2 terms, it is finally really here!!! ” I said over joyed inside my head as I walked into the Backstage. This was the day of days. It was here the Kids 4 Kids Concert!!!  I was waiting for a very long time for this Event to be happening and now it’s here.

We all had to wear nice bright clothes also with some comfortable shoes (flats only, no high heels or sandals.) There was about 15 other schools coming. When I arrived Backstage I saw my friend Fale’aka, then I saw Paul. Miss G gave us a packet of Knuckle Bones to play with while we wait for the others to arrive. Along came Seuati, after that Tokilupe, then Joanna, then Annalise etc.

After all of the waiting Dayna called everyone to gather around her and listen. She said “in a few minutes time we will be going out on stage, unfortunately there is no curtains so everybody will see you”. I was pretty nervous because our 2 main people Rosalina and Kanesini were still not here when it was nearly time, I was getting really nervous. When it was nearly time they both came at the same time. I was relieved that they came because if they didn’t then it would've been a disaster.

Soon Dayna called us all together again then asked us to get into our places that we were in at the rehearsal. I was in Row 2 and I was sitting next to Joanna and Fale’aka. I was so excited that I was going to explode!!! I was waiting for quite a long time to get to my Row because it started at Row 11 and counted down. When it came to my row we had to be really really quiet. We had to be so quiet that we could hear a pin drop.

When we got onto the stage I was overwhelmed because of what I saw. There was a huge crowd of people on the left, right and middle. Also I saw flash, flash and more flashes of cameras. There was so much flashes that whenever I blinked I saw the flash again! I was super-duper excited.

When it started Jackie and Nathan came out with bright clothes,  they looked very fancy. Also who came out was a man named Chris. Chris was part of the Funky Monkey group. He showed us the actions and what to do, he was the Conductor. The Kids 4 Kids wasn’t actually what it looked like from my point of view.

When Jackie and Nathan talked a little bit and the first song that started was a song called ‘Haere Mai.’ It was our entrance song. The Theme of Kids 4 Kids this year was Everything is Kapai and the entrance was the perfect song to start the the Show. I felt very special to be a part of it with other schools.

Some songs were songs for soloist people. On the Rehearsal people Auditioned to be either a soloist or a Ukulele player. And only 5 people could be soloist. The 3 songs that were for soloists were called ‘Maybe Tomorrow, ‘Weather With You’ and ‘Sensitive to a Smile.’ There was only 2 people from our class that was Soloists and that was Rosalina and Kanesini she sang with another girl from a different school. The name of the song that they sang was Weather With You and Kanesini was a Ukulele player for Ukulele Melody.

One of my favourite songs were called ‘Welcome Home.” I liked it because it was a sweet song and also because it explains a lot. It tells about welcoming home people that have either been overseas or to another country.

When it was time for halftime we all had to go Back Stage in our rows to our Teacher to have a break. Dayna lead us out quietly Back Stage. When we got there we saw our Teacher and we ran to her. She had some snacks to share with us and some games such as Knuckle Bones and Monkey Barrel. They were really fun. Later on Miss G asked if we wanted  to go Toilet most of us said ‘yes’ and ran.

A few minutes later it was time to get back on Stage for the second half.  Everyone lined up in their Rows line like  how we did in the start and we waited to get back on Stage. I was so excited again to get back on Stage. When I got back on Stage all I saw again was flashing Camera’s. I sat on my seat and waited for the second half to begin again.

After all the waiting finally Jackie and Nathan came out. But  then they came out with some unusual clothes on. Jackie was wearing a baggy shirt, some shorts and with some Gumboots!!! Nathan was wearing a singlet, with some shorts and Gumboots!! I was thinking to myself, “ why were they wearing these unusual clothes. ” They looked like they were living on a Farm.

After that the next song that was going to begin the second half was a song called ‘Gumboots.’ I think that was why Jackie and Nathan dressed in Gumboots. I liked the song Gumboots because that was the song that we had the most fun in.

After about 2 more songs there was the last Soloist song. And it was called ‘Weather With You.’ That was the song that my best friend Rosalina auditioned for and she made it. So she’s the Soloist for this song. I was very excited for her because she has a really lovely voice. She was singing Solo with another girl from another school. The song was very short but very good. I was very proud of Rosalina because I know for her it would've been very nervous to get up in front of thousands of people and sing Soloist.

After some other songs of the second half it was nearly time for the grand finale. The final song was called ‘She’s A Mod.’ For our grand finale song we were going to have some dancers on the left and right of Jackie and Nathan. It was a party going on in the Life Convention Centre. It was so awesome to be singing with Jackie and Nathan.

When it was all finished Dayna told the parents to pick up their children/child Back Stage. Then she lead us all out like on the second half. How I felt about Kids 4 Kids was so awesome. I liked Kids 4 Kids because it was so cool to be singing with Jackie and Nathan in songs, I wish that I can just do it one more time.

What Kids 4 Kids is really about is about bringing great memories to kids. It is also about helping poor children in poor countries. This time Kids 4 Kids is helping a poor country called ‘Marlee.’ Marlee is one of the poorest countries in the world. By just adopting one child that could make a real difference in their life. You don’t even need to adopt one you could just donate some money. That could money could provide food and water to 1 or 2 children. Kids 4 Kids is working with World Vision on this. With peoples help you could save 1 child or even 2!!!

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