Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Rugby League Reflection

Last week our school St Pius X started our new Kiwi Sport, LEAGUE! The instructor's name was Cuma. Last week we learnt how to pass and this week we learnt how to sidestep and footwork. Next week we’re going to work on our kicking.

Last week Cuma also asked us to bring a water bottle and have some Breakfast because Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I didn’t do any of those so I had to do 15 star jumps this week.

The first thing that we did was warm up. We played 1 game and that game was called ‘Simon Says.’ Last week we weren’t that good at Simon Says but then this week hardly anyone got out, so we improved.

The other training we did was relays that contained, stepping around cones, stepping and passing. We did this to gain confidence and to encourage each other.

After when we did the relays and we had another type of training that contained stepping and scoring. One team had to score and the other had to defend the other team. I was in the team that scored the tries. I did score a try eventually.

After all that training we played a game called ‘Octopus.’ There had to be 3 or 4 taggers who had to pick certain people to come up and try to escape them to make it to the other side. We had 2 games of that. It also contained stepping and tagging.

I really like going to League training because I like to play League and I also like learning new skills to play League. I can’t wait for next weeks lesson because we are going to learn how to kick.

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