Monday, 9 September 2013

Maths Reflection

For my reflection today the topic is going to be based on Maths that I have done today.. Today what I did for Maths was learning my Division. I learnt my Division on a Maths learning site called Xtra Maths. Xtra Maths doesn’t just teach you Division it helps you learn your Basic Facts.

Also today for Maths I did some Number and Geometry work.. I learnt these 2 on another Maths website called Maths Whizz. Maths helps you to learn Maths Skills. Like Fractions and Statistics.

I am in Crafty Circles for Fractions. But for Numbers and Geometry I was in Pondering Pentagons. Crafty Circles is the 2nd highest group and Pentagons is the 1st highest group. So I have moved down a group in Fractions.

Maths is one of my disliked subjects because I am not that great at it. Also because I struggle.  Sometimes at Maths it is hard for me. I still try my hardest to do the best I can to get it and get everything correct..

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