Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Filming Reflection

Today the topic for my Reflection is going to be Filming that we did for the Film Festival. For the past 2 weeks we have been planning what we are going to be Filming for the Film Festival next term.

First of all we planned the theme of the Movie. The theme of the movie was ‘Success’. Miss G got us into groups and we planned what the focus was for each group. My groups focus was about sports. We discussed all of this about 3 weeks before filming.

Miss G asked us to create a Document and then share it to her as well as the people in my group. What was going to be on the Document was the roles that people had to do. I was the one who did the creating and typing, Ezra was the Director, I was the Camera Operator and the rest of the people in the group were the actors. The Director had to make sure that everyone and everything was in the right place. The Camera Operator had to operate the Camera and the Actors had to act.

Also what we had to do was Plan what we all had to do, or in other words we had draw and write a storyboard (that’s a fancy way for saying planning.) I drew and wrote it and my group mates gave me ideas on how we were going to act it.

About 3 days later Miss G asked for my group to go outside and Film. We all set up the Camera and went outside. Sadly the Director was not at school so I had to be the Director and Camera Operator at the same time. I had to put everyone in the right place and operate the Camera at the same time!! It sure was hard but we got through it.

After all of the filming was finished I edited the little film with Miss G. I really liked filming because it was really fun to be part of it and I really liked seeing what a good job my group and I did. I can’t wait to see Room 3’s awesome film on the big screen next term!!!

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