Monday, 31 October 2016

Writing: Narrative - Noises!

“Yes!” Shouted a voice. I instantly knew that it was Jordan. “Jordan! Keep it down! If you can’t play your video game quietly, then turn it off!” I shouted, trying to concentrate. My Maths homework was in a stack as big as the eiffel tower and it was not going good so far. I loathed Maths, it was my less favourite subject. BANG! I suddenly heard, I jumped out of my seat. BANG! “Jordan!” “What it’s not me!” He responded. BANG! There it went again. ‘What the heck?’ I thought.
At that moment Jordan came into the dining area trembling. “W-W-Who’s making that n-n-noise?” Jordan said. “I don’t know” I answered. BANG! “Alex, i-i’m getting s-scared,” “me t-too!” So we ran like mice into the lounge, behind one of the sofas. “What are we going to do?” Jordan questioned. ‘What? Or who is up there?’ I starting frantically thinking. BANG! ‘What if that person wants to hurt us? What is he going to do with us?’ I instantly pictured Jordan and I in a massive container, on a ship at sea, being sailed away to China! BANG! I started tearing up, I couldn’t bear the thought of being away from my family.

BANG! I started crying, so did Jordan. We couldn’t help it, we weren’t told what to do in a situation like this. We felt helpless, trapped and we thought that we were goners right then and there. BANG! The noise was as deafening as a siren. All of a sudden we see a pair of headlights coming up the drive-way. Mum! We ran outside without hesitation. “Mum, Mum! There’s someone upstairs!” “What? How do you know?” She questioned. “Well we heard him upstairs! We heard noises coming from there!” She frowned and marched into the house, upstairs.

BANG! “See there’s the noise!” Jordan cried. Mum started laughing. Laughing! In a situation like this! “Mum it’s not funny!” I shouted, but she didn’t listen, she continued. We stood there with our arms crossed, not understanding the joke. BANG! “Come in here,” Mum insisted. We peeked in the bathroom and saw no one. BANG! We both jumped back. “It was the bathroom door, you forgot to close the window and the wind has been blowing furiously all day!” Mum stated. We stood back with our cheeks going red as a tomato. To this day Mum has never let us forget it.
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