Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Holiday Blogging: Recount - The Secret Life of Pets!

We entered the dark cinema and found our row and seats. We sat down and pulled our snacks out and started eating the popcorn waiting for the movie to start, The Secret Life of Pets. “Can you pass Sonya’s lollies please?” I asked my Dad, while he was sharing his popcorn with my 2 little sisters, Angel and Annabelle. I gave my sister her lollies and soon after that the movie started.

The movie was about a spoiled dog named Max and his owner Katy. Max lived a comfortable life, in his apartment in New York. With his other friends, who were cats, dogs and a bird, from other apartments. Life was good for Max until one day his owner Katy brings home a new dog, Duke. Duke is a massive dog with very rough brown fur. Max at first doesn’t like Duke, but as he goes on an adventure with Duke meeting other rebellious pets including a fluffy bunny. He gets to know him better and they become very good friends.

I really enjoyed this movie, because it was very funny and displayed the characters of the pets very well. My highlight in the film was seeing New York at night. This is because I really love New York and the way that they displayed it was truly magical especially at night. My favourite character was Duke because even though he is a big dog, under all that fur, he is still a very sweet and accepting dog.
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