Friday, 17 June 2016

Recount: My Highlight From The Marae

My highlight from our trip to the Marae was when we were making a flower out of flax. We were going to weave it together with our Soul Friend. We all got a flax each and had to follow the Whaea in charge. It was quite difficult to follow. Our Whaea gave us a lot of instructions and always went around helping the other students. Even the teachers were getting a chance to experience it.

We had to do different things like twist, fold or even flatten. It was very hard and I always got lost. But lucky enough my friends helped me, as well as the Whaea. After the Whaea told me what to do, I finally saw how easy it was. It was basically just a pattern, where I had to fold it in a specific way. So I did this for the next 2 minutes and ended up with my weaved flower! At the end I was so impressed and happy with myself. This was my highlight because it was the most difficult thing that I had done during the trip.

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