Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Recount: Science Roadshow!

Today for one block during school time Room 7 & 5 went to Tamaki College for the Science Roadshow. I went with a few people in my class in Malia’s Mum’s car. We were going so that we could experience Science at first hand. When I arrived we all had to line up outside of the auditorium. We were also with another school which was St Helier’s.

After 10 minutes of sitting and listening we were finally allowed to go and look at the different experiments. I wasn’t sure which one to go to first so I just followed Rosrine and Joshua. The experiments were stationed next to one another, with cards of information about the experiment and how it works. There were some experiments about random things like tennis balls and balloons. Then there was others about the weather and cars.

After 15 minutes we all sat back down to learn about Sound waves and volumes. We sat there for 10 minutes learning about different things like the way sound travels and the pitch. It was the most interesting thing that I had learnt today because it was something that I was unfamiliar with. They also did an experiment with fire that was based on sound. When we had finally recapped about everything that we learnt the Roadshow was finished.

Overall my favourite experiment from today was an experiment where you had to throw the ball to see how fast you can throw it. It was called Speedball. It was my favourite because it was interesting comparing one person's results with another. But I also really loved the last bit where we got to learn about the Sound. It was really informative and interesting.

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