Friday, 6 May 2016

Recount: Holiday Writing!

During the last week of vacation in Samoa I went to a beautiful beach, in a village called Lalomanu. I went with my entire family. We were fortunate enough to fly out to Samoa all together.

Everyone had already packed everything out of their cars and now they were ready to jump into the cool, blue water. The beach was beautiful! The sand was soft like a pillow and had a beautiful light skin colour to it. The water was a beautiful shade of baby blue. It was also calm and was also fortunately not rockey under the water. But the best thing was, that the water wasn’t too cold or too warm. It was the right temperature for a beautiful hot day.

When I had finally sunk into the water I felt very relaxed, I felt like I could just float on top and fall asleep. But I decided to make the best of this opportunity. So I merrily swam and dived, pleasingly jumped, relaxingly floated and happily snorkeled through the water. I was as happy as a bee with lots of honey. I also played a lot with my younger cousins, nephews and nieces. We played tag and also tried to catch the little fish (which did not go well). I also got the chance to shoot some videos with my older cousins GoPro Camera underwater. But the best part wasn’t the sand or the water or even the GoPro Camera, it was the fact that I was with family.

Then without even realising it, we were already having showers and getting ready to leave. I reluctantly cleaned up and headed for the car. “Wow, time does fly when you're having fun!” My Dad exclaimed. After everything was packed and we sadly said our final goodbyes to the beach we headed back on our road trip.

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