Friday, 6 May 2016

Descriptive: Female Figure

I think that every Mother, Aunty and Grandmother’s in the entire world are brave, guiding, caring and loving.

My Aunty has dark brown shoulder-length hair. She wears square shaped glasses (like me) and has deep dark eyes. She has tan skin, rabbit shaped teeth and she has very faint freckles on her cheeks. She is also a little taller than me and is quite huge in size (but she doesn’t care).

My Aunty is a siren. She is never quiet and she loves to speak her mind. Sometimes she can be as loud as a lion! But when I say loud, I don’t mean boastful or she’s a show-off. I mean she is loud in a way that she’s out-going. I know this because whenever she has something to say she will say it. Whenever I am around my Aunty I feel really loved and protected. I feel really safe whenever I talk to her.

My Aunty is a non-smoker and she loves to bake. Her house is a bakery. She bakes anything that tastes sweet in her mouth and that’s something that I love about her. She has 3 sons. Diego, Sani and Dre, who she absolutely adores. She also has a loving husband, Andrew. My Aunty is a person who doesn’t care about other people's opinions. She is very self-directed and is very funny. She is not a strict person and loves to have fun. Lastly she loves candy (which is something that I inherited from her).

My Aunty is my female figure because she is basically my second Mother. She taught me how to walk and she has always told me that I can go far with family and love.
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