Friday, 7 March 2014

What Causes An Earthquake?


What Causes An Earthquake? And Why?

What causes an Earthquake are these plates that are under the Earth’s surface. The Earthquakes start when the plates touch at the breaks or crusts of the Earth. The energy of these plates form something called ‘Seismic Waves.’

Now a Seismic Wave is a Wave that travels through the Earth, that can cause an Earthquake or an explosion.  These waves move outwards just like sea waves that then form an interference in the body of the water.

There are different type of Seismic Waves. There is a Seismic Wave called a Body Wave. A Body Wave travels under the Earth and can go through solid, liquids and gas.

A Secondary Wave are just under the Primary Body they are just under the surface of the Earth.

Now there is a Seismic Wave called a ‘Primary Body. The Primary Body is the fastest Wave. When they hit the surface of the Earth they become Surface Waves and then continue to travel above the ground. But when it hits the surface is becomes the slowest Wave but it can cause a lot of damage.

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