Thursday, 13 March 2014

Funny Pranks

This is a Recount about Funny Pranks. For this funny Prank I saw it on YouTube. In the prank there is a Dinosaur. But it is not a real Dinosaur it looks real but it’s not. This Prank is set in China and it is in a large building.

The Prank is about when some random person is walking through the building then she/he sees people screaming and running away from something. They don’t know what it is but then when the Dinosaur comes down the hall they start screaming and running because they are so scared. It looked really funny.

The first person to come up the building and be scared is this woman. She doesn’t know that a Dinosaur is going to come. But then she sees people running and screaming so she stops walking. Then out of no where a giant Dinosaur comes running towards her.

She then starts running and screaming for her life. She runs to the bathroom and locks the door and the Dinosaur runs away. It was extra funny because she was wearing a wig and the wig came off. She also had high-heels on so it was hard to run as well and that also looked funny.

The second person that was walking through the building was another woman. She was just walking when these people were running and screaming so then she decided to hide behind a tall plant. But she never knew that they were running away from a Dinosaur so then when the Dinosaur turned she saw it and she ran like a cheetah. It was really funny because she was screaming and she had a really funny face.

She then fell on the floor and the Dinosaur was up against her face and she was shrieking. It looked like the Dinosaur was gonna lick her or something but then it soon left. She got up and was also laughing because she just realized it was a Prank.

This Dinosaur Prank was hilarious to me because their facials were really funny and I thought that it was awesome.

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