Friday, 21 March 2014


I am going to explain what bullying is. Bullying is when somebody wants to make you feel smaller. It is when somebody is being mean to you or when they make you cry on purpose.

There are many types of bullying. Like Physical bullying, where you beat up somebody. Verbal bullying, where somebody says something bad to you. Also Cyberbullying, where somebody bullies you online or on any technical device.

There is also emotional bullying. That is when a person bullies you because they are jealous of you or they have a feeling that you want to feel. Bullying like this could be taken too far and could lead to suicide.

Why I think people bully you is because they want attention, or jealousy, or when that person wants you to feel all the bad emotions that they are feeling. I think that Bullies just want a reaction from you and also it could be because they are a show off.

For me I think that the solution to bullying is that you could tell your Teacher if it is at school or you could tell your Parents. If it gets worse and if it’s cyberbullying then you should tell a Police Officer.

My opinion on bullying is that I don’t think that it is right and it really needs to stop. It is happening way too much in the world. If you are bullying someone then how would you like it if that was happening to you. It is not a nice feeling.

But just remember that it will always get better!!

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  1. Well done Alecia!
    I look forward to read more,
    thanks for the tips and its very useful to those who are actually going
    through a time of need.
    Well done and Keep it Up :)


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