Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Writing: Tech Cooking Class - Making Bread

Yesterday afternoon at my weekly Tech Cooking class, we learnt how to make bread. But we didn’t have much time, so it was done fast. Richie, Lusia and Malia were the other people in my group. We started off by grabbing our aprons and washing our hands. Then we measured and collected the yeast, sugar, flour and salt, also getting the right temperature of warm water. We mixed the yeast, sugar and warm water together to proof the yeast.

Next we added the salt and flour and mixed it until it was doughy. Next we kneaded the bread, by pushing and folding the dough. To speed up the process we divided the dough in 4 parts so we could all kneed it. After this we split it into 8 equal pieces and put it in the oven. While that was happening, we cleaned. After a little while it was ready and we got 2 pieces each and put it in our bag.

Overall it was a really fun process, my highlight was kneading because I really enjoyed feeling the dough. Now I can’t wait to make Cinnamon Scrolls next term!

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