Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Writing: Sports Camp 2016!

Last week, Anthony, Von, Malia and I got the amazing opportunity to go to the Totara Springs Christian Centre Sports Camp. We went along with 24 other students from Glen Innes School and 1 other student from Glen Taylor. There we won 5 trophies and came second in 2 events. I had an amazing time, not only because of the sports, but also because of the awesome friends that I had made and because of the funny teachers.

“Get ready, set, go!” Andrew boomed and off we went. I ran as fast as my long legs could carry me. Just thinking about trying my best and finishing the race, for the team. I was also just recapping my day so far. Even though I had only been there for a few hours, I was having a blast. Being at Totara Springs Christian Centre, with my friends from GI Primary and the teachers as well. Made me feel so happy.

Close to the end of the Cross Country race, it became very very difficult. The hills became very steep and I started to slow down. “Come on Alecia you can do it!” I heard Mr Hendricks shout when I was coming up the hills. That was all I needed to hear, to get me to start racing up the hills and past the other competitors. Close to the finish line I ended up having a race with another girl. Even though I was so exhausted, I pushed through the pain and finished the race.
At the end of the race the teachers (Mrs Ramkolowan, Miss Donaldson, Mr Beel, Mr Shaun and Mr Hendricks) came and congratulated me, for pushing through it.

After my race we went and watched golf, shooting, archery and kayaking. Where we succeeded in all those sports. Then that was the end of the sports for that day, before Scramble anyway.

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  1. Sounds like fun. I used to go to sports camp when I was a girl. Totara Springs is a great place.

    Mrs Burt