Thursday, 12 November 2015

Recount: Manaiakalani Film Festival 2015!

The bus slowly came to a stop and everyone went quiet. “Now can everyone please leave the bus quietly and behave yourselves,” Mrs Middleton announced to everyone. So everyone made their way outside of the bus and walked to the Hoyts. When we arrived to Hoyts it wasn’t quite as packed as I thought that it would be. One class at a time everyone made their way into the Cinema and sat down. But the problem was that their wasn’t enough seats left for our school. So some students had to go to the top seats. I sat next to Pepe, Valensia and Mrs Mafu. Soon after everyone was settled down the lights went low and a man stood at the front of the Cinema. “Welcome everyone to the Manaiakalani Film Festival 2015!” He announced.

After his introduction the first video popped up. It was a Tamaki College student with information about the Film Festival. “The schools that are attending this year are St Pius X Catholic School, Ruapotaka School, Glenbrae School, Glen Innes Primary School, Panmure Bridge School, Pt England School, Saint Patrick’s School, Somerville School, Stonefields School, Tamaki College, Tamaki Primary and Te Kura Kaupapa Maori School.” The student stated, which were 12 schools altogether. “There were about 100 movies that were submitted this year and two-thirds of them are played during the day.” ‘Wow,’ I thought to myself. After her introduction the films finally started.

One by one the movies played. Some of them were better than others. But I had to admit some of those movies were quite good. Especially since these films were only made from Primary and Intermediate students. The last film to run was surprisingly Room 7’s movie, Faith, Hope and Love. Our movie was about our school song Faith, Hope and Love. Which was composed from Deja and her group last year. So when our movie came up I instantly felt so proud because the film was based on our school motto. After our film the Cinemas light brightened up and the cinema was once again filled with voices. So then one by one each school made their way out of the cinema.

We finally made it to the bus and everyone sat back down and chatting again. But I was too tired to even talk so I just sat and looked out of the window. Personally my favourite movies (besides Room 7’s movie) had to be ‘Stay Young’ by Pt England and ‘Rise Heroes’ by Tamaki College. But I was still overall very proud of our school and their films.

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