Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Recount: My Sailing Experience!

It was a very sunny day, with a clear blue sky. This was going to be the first day of our Activity Days and I was certain to make the most of it. Everyone was so excited. Lucky that there were only 10 people in this group, otherwise it would of never fit in the van. The first group had already had their turn and when we arrived they were their at the Yacht Club.

When we hopped out we were greeted from our other classmates. After our reunion the first group hopped into the van and waved goodbye. When they left we all got prepared. We were then greeted by our instructor Ruben. Everyone got their life jackets and red coats on and then we all walked down to the beach. There were at least six boats waiting down by the shore. Those were the sail boats. We all surrounded the blue boat and Ruben started explaining and showing us how to use the boat.

There were 2 parts in the boat to work. The steering and the sail. The steering was at the back of the boat, it will control where the boat will go. The sail was at the front of the boat. To position it you need to either pull or release the rope. Ruben showed us how to work the sail properly. Soon enough we were all partnered up and we were taking our boats out into the ocean. I was partnered up with Rachel. Catherine was with Lupe, Pepe was with Joshua and Patrick was with Misiotei. I was in the purple boat. When we got out into the water it was so hard mainly because of the sail. We then got stuck for a while but we eventually got out into the ocean.

It felt so great, sailing. I had completely underestimated it. I thought that it would be so tiring and boring. But really it was a great feeling when the boat was going fast. We finally caught up with the other boats and Ruben was in the motorboat, with Oscar and Ierei. Ruben told us where to go and we followed. Surprisingly no one had fell out of the boat yet. Rachel then had to swap with Ierei. Rachel hopped out and Ierei hopped in. It was harder with Ierei mainly because she hadn’t had much experience.

After a long ride in the water Ruben then told us to go back to the shore. I was disappointed at first but then happy because I was extremely hungry, thirsty and tired. When the boats were close enough to the shore we all hopped out of the boats and dived into the water. Everyone was so happy in the water. We then pulled the boats back to shore and started cleaning up. After cleaning up everyone got changed and we ate our lunch. Everyone was silent and just enjoyed their lunch. I was so exhausted but happy at the same time. So all I could say about that day was that it was a really great experience.

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