Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Recount: An Important Test

The papers were handed out and everyone wrote their names and information down. Mrs Tui started giving us instructions and tips of how to get through the test. But all I could hear was the rough sweeping of the broom from outside and tried to relax. I was just trying to get a clear head. But I couldn’t because my leg suddenly began to shake uncontrollably. I received my test and the test had clearly said to write in capitals, but I wrote in lower cases. I had made a mistake already and the test hadn’t even started!

“Make sure to look at the picture first,” Mrs Tui’s loud voice boomed through the air. In the inside I was just hoping to God to get at least more than half right. I had just seemed to calm down until Mrs Tui said, “I am expecting a 7 from you.” I nodded back and knew exactly what she meant, which was that she expected a Statine 7 from me.

“You have 4 minutes and your time starts now!” Mrs Tui announced. Everyone got their heads down and some just seemed to stare at corners in the class room. My hand seemed to zoom through the pages. Less than an hour later and the test was over. It was over before I even knew it. Everyone finally got to talk and the voices filled the air of the classroom. Again I sat there in silence and was just relieved that the tests were finally over. But then I have the Writing tests to worry about. ‘Great,’ I thought to myself.

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