Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Holiday Recount: An Exciting Day!

The Cinema went dark and everyone went silent. I was filled with excitement and couldn’t wait for the movie to start. Yes, as you have guessed I was at the movies! I went to the movies with my family plus my little cousin. For me it was a perfect Saturday afternoon to watch a movie. We went to the movies because my parents decided to spend some time together as a family.

Firstly before we go to Hoyts, as usual we had to go to Pak’n’Save to grab lollies and drinks. I ran around the shop wildly trying to find the perfect lolly. I finally came to the lolly aisle and I saw rows and rows of mouthwatering Candy. I finally came to a decision, which were Pods. But now that I think about I probably should of chose a healthier choice.

Following on we then headed off to Hoyts. We were watching the new movie called Pan. It was based on the Classic Disney Movie Peter Pan. I have always loved Peter Pan, so I was sure that I would enjoy this movie.

When we arrived I saw crowds of people lining up with excited faces. But I also smelt the buttery Popcorn that made my mouth water. Finally after the long waiting in line, we got our Popcorn and Tickets and were finally able to go into the Cinema. I was then finally able to sit and feel the comfortable seats, finally able to relax.

In the movie there were magical creatures and interesting characters. Which was what made me love the movie even more. I really enjoyed myself during the movie because I got to get treated with my favourite treats (Popcorn and Pods). I also really enjoyed the movie because it was very adventurous, but there were also some funny parts as well.

There were also some twists in the movie which made it even more interesting. Later after the movie my family and I tried to leave the Cinema. But all I saw were crowds of people blocking our way. At the same time I could still smell the deliciousness of the buttery popcorn. We finally left Sylvia Park, got in the car and drove back home.

After that fun experience I felt really really happy, because I got to eat my favourite treats and watch a fantastic movie with my family.

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