Wednesday, 13 May 2015

First Swimming Lesson for 2015

When I got in the pool it was quite cold, but not too cold. “Dip your head under the water.” The instructor said, his name was Joseph. He then asked me to float, which was quite embarrassing because I couldn’t even float. Embarrassed I made my way out of the pool, into the cold air.

On Wednesday the 13th of April Room 7 got the chance to swim in the Clusters swimming pool. Each school in the cluster got the chance to use the swimming pool for at least a Term. And today was Room 7’s chance. Everybody got changed in the changing tents and got ready to swim. When everyone was ready, we all made our way into the Marquee, into 2 lines. I felt quite nervous and excited at the same time because I couldn’t swim and I was also excited because it wasn’t common for a swimming pool to be at school.

We all got tested. 4 people at a time to see how well we could swim. Group No.1 was the ‘beginners group.’ And Group No.2 was the ‘advanced group.’ And of course I was in the ‘beginners group.’ We got to just glide across the pool with the boards, on our stomach first. Then we did the same thing but without any board. Which was quite easy, but boring at the same time. It was boring because it was easy!! I like challenging and hard things.

There were quite a few of people that weren’t swimming for medical problems, including my sister Sonya. But I think that they enjoyed watching us having fun. Then when we got the chance to float, I once again was quite embarrassed! But when it was all over and everyone's shivering bodies made there way out of the pool, I was quite relieved and followed on.

After my first swimming lesson for 2015, I can not wait for tomorrow. When I walked into the marquee I felt quite excited and nervous. But at the end I was quite happy. And I hope that tomorrow’s lesson will be even better!

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