Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Reflection On First - Tee

During this Term we have playing our Kiwi - Sport. Our Kiwi - 
Image result for first - tee kids playingSport was Golf or First - Tee. We
started in the beginning of the 
year and have improved our skills.
Our first lesson we talked about 
Image result for first - tee kids playingrespect. Our coach (Mr. Thompson) 
thought that talking about respect, 
integrity, courtesy etc was very 
He also showed us how to set up. Left hand, right hand, legs together, left foot, right foot, pegu, pop..... SMASH! That’s how we set up.

So in the beginning of each lesson we would talk about a specific virtue. Or he would show us through an activity. Then after learning our lesson we would play a game. We learnt how to play Snag Golf. Which was like Baseball/Softball. But with Golf. We learnt that the small shots were the most important. Not the big shots. We also learnt about OBY which was others before yourself. Then after every lesson we will shake hands as a sign of respect. Which I thought was really thoughtful.

Throughout the Term I have really enjoyed the First - Tee lessons because Mr. Thompson didn't just teach us how to set up or how to hit the ball. He also taught us some really important lessons and virtue.

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  1. You guys are really lucky to have sports equipment for school Alecia and to have some one come and show you how to use the sports equipment.

    From Dad.