Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Holy Week

For Religious Education this week we are talking about Holy Week. So for one of our activities we are listing the events that are happening this week.

Palm Sunday - On Palm Sunday we hold Palms to celebrate the day that Jesus came into town riding on a donkey. It will always fall on the 29th of March. The last day before Holy week.
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 Jesus riding in on a Donkey.

Chrism Mass - Chrism Mass is when the Bishop blesses the oil for the use of the year. The Bishop blesses the Oil of Sick, Oil of Catechumens  and the Sacred Chrism
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The Bishop blessing the Oils.

Holy Thursday - Holy Thursday will fall on April the 2nd. Holy Thursday is special because it is the day that Jesus had his last Supper with his disciples and it is the washing of the feet.
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Jesus having his Last Supper with the disciples.

Good Friday - Good Friday will be on April the 3rd. It is special because it was the day that Jesus got crucified on the cross; to save our sins.
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            When Jesus gets crucified on the cross

Easter - Easter is on the 5th of April. It is special because it is the day that Jesus resurrected; 3 days after the died.

Image result for easter day jesus
Jesus has resurrected.

In my Parish to celebrate Holy Week. We will have special Mass on Sunday (Palm Sunday.) Then on Thursday we will have the washing of the feet, which will happen during a Mass. Then we will have another special Mass on Friday. Then a Easter mass.

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