Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Reading Activities

05.03.2015 Spelling
  1. Suspension
  2. Whooping
  3. Sarcastic
  4. Bales
  5. Bucked
  6. Splintered
  7. Plummet
  8. Jabbed
  9. Loomed
  10. Sloshed

05.03.2015 Specific Verbs
  1. “ Yesterday I tried out for the wrestling team.”
  2. “Today after school I went swimming with my family.”
  3. “I woke up and then I found myself stretching.”
  4. “I went in the garage I was so angry, I saw a punching bag so I just decided to just start kicking and punching it.”
  5. “I looked in the distance I saw a figure move but then it vanished into the thin air.”
  6. “The festival was huge and everyone was yelling.”
  7. “When I walked in everyone was twirling and spinning.”
  8. “I was in a rush so hustled through the door and through the crowd of people.”
  9. “He pushed me so I grabbed his arm and pulled him back.”
  10. “She was drowning quick so I plunged in the water.”

05.03.2015 Similes and Metaphors
One of the similes are, “the bridge was so cold, that it shook.”

04.03.2015 Sentence Structures
One of the Sentence Structure are simple, complex and compound.

04.03.2015 Re-reading the Story
One of the features in this Recount Writing/Story is the organisation and the punctuation. I realized the organisation because of the paragraphs and how the story is set.

04.03.2015 Evidence
The purpose of the story is to tell a story about how Cousins come together to mend their relationship by rescuing somebody. I think that this is true because of a sentence in the story, “Jake grinned, and somehow I knew I’d never have to worry about his wrestling holds again.

03.03.2015 Vocabulary Investigation
  • Stronger
  • Hurt
  • Panicking
  • Growing

04.03.2015 The Features of a Story
The features in a story is the who, what, when, where, why and how.
WHO was in the story? - Jake and his Cousin.
WHAT happened in the story? - Jake and his cousin was going to a river, but then a truck falls into the water and drowns. But then Jake and his cousin save the driver and mend their relationship together.
WHEN did this happen? - This event happened during the Summer Holidays.
WHERE did this take place? - This accident took place at a river.
HOW did they feel when the event happened? - They felt like panicking when the truck drowned in the water.
WHY did the truck drown in the water? - It drowned because the truck was crossing a very unsteady bridge. So then the bridge broke apart when the truck crossed it.

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