Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Hokule'a 40th Anniversary!

Today for expressive writing I am going to talk about Hokule'a 40th Anniversary.

Hokule’a is not a plane or a car, it is a canoe. Hokule’a actually means ‘Star of Gladness’ in Hawaiian. It was taken off from the shores of Kāne‘ohe Bay on O‘ahu. It was built to help bring people momentum to the Hawaii.

Then between the years of 1975 - 2000. Hokule’a sailed 6 huge voyages. Hokule’a travelled to the Polynesian Triangle, to New Zealand and to Rapa Nui.

Hokule’a brought the language of Hawaii, the culture of Hawaiian, Dancing, Chanting and Singing. So on the 8th of March Hokule’a could finally celebrate 40 great years.

Now to celebrate the 40 years there are going to be festivals. To celebrate the wonderfulness and happiness that Hokule’a has brought!

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