Friday, 2 August 2013

The Rainbow Bird

South American Pavilion                             The White-Bearded Manakin

In South America there was a beautiful Forest. In the Forest nature was so beautiful and colourful, it was unbelievable. The leaves were as green as grass, the flowers were as pink as dolls dresses and the berries were as purple as ever.

The problem was that the Birds were jealous of the nature and their colours because all the Birds were black, brown and grey, they were as dull as ever. They all tried to rub the leaves, the flower petals and splash the wonderful berries on them but nothing would ever work.

At the end of the day after it would rain a marvelous Rainbow would appear in the bright blue sky. Nothing in Nature could compare with the beauty of the Rainbow. They wished with all their Hearts that someday that they will be as colourful and as beautiful just like the Rainbow.

But then one afternoon when the Rainbow appeared in the blue sky the Rainbow looked dirty and horrid. The Birds muttered to each other about how horrible the Rainbow looked. Then suddenly a bright coloured Phoenix comes from the sky in shock. He came and sat on a Tree and started to talk to the Birds, “our Rainbow is being attacked by a huge band of Roaches, we need to stop them before they destroy the Rainbow forever!” Some Birds agreed and were eager to help but some didn’t want anything to do with it. When this reaction happened with the other Birds the Phoenix was in shock with disappoint but it was their choice and he couldn’t do anything about it.

So the Birds who agreed to help flew up to the Rainbow and the Roaches didn’t stop for a second. This was when the battle began. Who would win the Birds or the Roaches?, this was very interesting and exciting. The Roaches were fighting the Birds and the Birds were eating the Roaches. While they fought the Birds and the Roaches began to fall because they were so tired.

Finally the battle finished and the Birds won their victory and excitement went all over the place, everyone was so glad and for their bravery that day they were rewarded. When they flew through the Rainbow their boring old colours of black, brown and grey were splashed with not only one colour but a whole heap of colours, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue. They were blessed with such beautiful colours.

The Phoenix left and they flew back down to the Tree. When they flew back down to the Tree the other Birds who stayed behind saw their beautiful colours and regretted staying back behind. From that day on they learned a decent lesson to always help a friend in need.

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