Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Ant Army Reading Activity Week 2

It all began at the back of a schoolyard, there was a colony of ants. As the sergeant listened closely and carefully to her report. She shouted to all the female-workers, “there’s a bag in the hallway of the school go, go go!”

So the bunch of ants ran fast through the schoolyard. While they were looking they found all kinds of school stuff. Finally when they came to the hallway of the school every single bag was hanging up on a hook, except for one. When they found the bag the sergeant told them to open the bag and find some Food.

Soon they were searching and searching and searching until they came upon a Cream Donut. The sergeant shouted at them, “grab the Cream Donut and run back to the colony go go GO!” Each ant took a piece each and moved their little legs as fast as they could go. Lucky that the female-workers were strong enough to carry the Cream Donut.

When they were running back to the colony they heard the thunder of the school bell. They heard the running of elephants and they started to panic. They were running as fast as they could go when a man with a tie came and stepped on some of the ants. They crashed all over the place and ants were flying in the air. The sergeant asked them if they were ok one answered, “I’ve just got a scratch” and another said, “I’ve just got one leg missing.” 

The sergeant was lucky that none of her troops were missing. Finally the ants got back to their colony and they eventually ate the Cream Donut with all the other ants.

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