Friday, 17 May 2013

My Pencil

A pencil is made from wood, it is also made from lead. Pencils are very useful when it comes to drawing and writing.

My writing instrument that I use looks colourful and long. It looks like a hexagon or a circle. My drawing friend also looks like a pointed stick.

My writing tool feels  kind of shape. It feels hard as a rock, it feels easy to hold and feels smooth.

Pencils are mostly found in a classroom. Sometimes in a pencil case or an office. They could be found in someones desk too.

What a pencil does is write and draw, but it can’t do that without someone holding it. It needs help, without someone to help them they won’t draw.

I think pencils are the best learning tool when it comes to drawing or writing. Pencils are handy pencils You can create a lot of things with just one single pencil. Pencils are not like pens or felts or paint brushes because pencils are special and unique and they one of a kind.

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