Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Maths Reflection

I am going to talk about how I am going in maths. I think that maths is easy for me because the strategies are easy for me. I like to use Maths Whizz because I enjoy it a lot and I get to learn more and more new things. I learn things like what are values, how to divide, multiply, subtract and add. I also learn new things like matching cards that equal up to 1000 and 100, learning my time on the digital clock and  the analog clock and learning my millimetres, my centimeters and my kilograms. 
I also like Xtra Maths because it also helps me with my adding, my subtracting and my multiplication. I think that Xtra Maths and Maths Whizz helps me a lot with my learning and will help me get better at maths, I enjoy doing it.
For Addition and Subtraction I am at Stage 6.

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