Monday, 18 February 2013

Silly Story

Silly Story

On a wonderful Tuesday early morning a girl named Amanda walked to the Glen Innes Library. She walked in to return her last book she issued to the librarian and went to go and look for another book to read. Next she found a very interesting book and started to read it. It was about a Gingerbread man finding a treasure map and hunting for the treasure almost all day.

After she issued the book she decided to read it on her way home. Suddenly the Gingerbread man in the story popped out of the book! She was very surprised. She asked the Gingerbread, “how did you come out of the book Mr. Gingerbread man?”
The Ginger-bread man said, “I don’t know little girl.”
She responded to the Ginger-bread man, “oh no my name is not little girl my name is Amanda, what is yours?”
He replied, “my name is Ginger.” “nice to meet you Ginger” she exclaimed to the Gingerbread man.  
After a while he saw a piece of paper drop out of the book, he picked it up and looked at it.
He said to her, “it’s a treasure map.”
Amanda commented, “it looks similar to the treasure map that was in the story book.”
“Should we hunt for this treasure.” he whispered to Amanda, she replied with joy, “yes!”

They both went to Amanda’s shed and found a shovel and two big sacks and carried on. They went uphill, downhill, around roundabouts and also crossed roads. When the cars zoomed past they were staring at Ginger awkwardly. Next the treasure maps picture told them to pass a big willow tree. They both gazed around and there was the big willow tree all the way on the other side of the field, so they walked all the way to the other side.

They both looked at the treasure map to see where they had to go next and they had to pass a little cottage with a little fence. When they saw the little cottage they passed it and finally they came to a stop. Ginger groaned, “why did we stop?”   
“because we are here.” Amanda said with excitement. Ginger started to dig with the shovel they found from Amanda’s shed. A while later Ginger hit something hard and solid, they both carried it up and it was the treasure chest. Both of their eyes lit up with amazement when they saw the dirty treasure chest. They both opened the lid and saw Rubies, Diamonds, coins and Jewelry, it was like a dream. They put the treasure inside the two sacks and then headed off with the treasure.

On the way back to the library Ginger said, “I have to go back inside the storybook.” Amanda said with sadness, “but I want you to stay.” Ginger answered, “I have to go but it has been a great pleasure finding the treasure chest today.” Amanda said goodbye to Ginger, he vanished into the story book and she returned the book and went home. Amanda told her parents about the adventure that she had been on and lived happily ever after.

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  1. Great Story Alecia, I like how you bring in your charater. I am looking forward to reading more amazing work from you, Sonya:)