Tuesday, 19 February 2013

My Holiday Recount

Parakai Springs

“Wow, cool, awesome!” shouted my cousins. “Me first ” I said. In my amazing holidays I went to Parakai Springs to celebrate New Year’s.

During a bright lovely day we all arrived at Parakai Springs. When we settled at the camping place we all got changed and then went on the big blue slide. After that we went on the green slide. The funny thing was that the green slide was short but fast and the blue slide was long but slow. We were all having a great time but then decided to go to the main pools.

There was also an relaxation pool inside one building and then there was the main pool next to the other buildings. I liked the outside pool because it was very warm and clean. Inside the entrance building was a cafe, a small ice-cream shop, the changing rooms and the toilets. When leaving we have to have a stamp to show that you had been inside.

The first time I went on the slide it felt so slippery. During going down the slide you could lose your blue or black mat. My cousin lost his mat so he just stood in the middle of the slide like a clown and scaring strangers. There had to be a lifeguard and the bottom if the top if too much people were going all at one time and the bottom was getting crowded up. I probably went on the slide like a lot of times.

Later on it was lunchtime so I went to my Mum and said that I was hungry. Then she gave me two coupons for my sister and I. I went with my Grandpa to get whatever I wanted from the cafe. I got the chicken nugget combo and my grandpa got the fish and chips combo. After that my Grandpa got me an ice-cream, the flavour he got me was passion fruit because that was my favourite flavour. He got two scoops just for me and it was massive. We both went back and then they were all eating barbeque, salad, potato salad and pasta salad.

After we all eated we waited for ten minutes then went for another swim right after the ten minutes. We all went on the slide together after waiting for ten minutes. I went  to the main pools with my oldest sister. We were playing in the pool together. After that I decided to go to the slide she came on the slide with me. But then later on we all had to leave so everybody went to the girls and boys changing rooms changed and went to catch the bus back home.

When we got onto the bus I was sitting next to my sister listening to music on her ipod and then fell asleep. It was great spending time with my family at Parakai Springs to celebrate New Years. When we go to Parakai Springs next time I want to go on the blue slide a few more times.

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