Friday, 12 February 2016

Holiday Recount: A Day At The Auckland Museum

We hopped out of the van and unpacked it. “It’s such a hot Saturday,” my Dad stated. “Yeah,” my sister (Sonya) and I agreed. We then walked over to the entrance. ‘Auckland Museum’ the entrance sign read.

When we had finally entered I was instantly drawn to the Pacific Lifeways Gallery. There were different Islands displayed there, like Tonga, Samoa, Niue, Cook Island etc. We then carried on our journey by passing through the Maori Court and the Wild Child Gallery. After walking around we found ourselves at the Special Exhibition Hall. There it featured Air New Zealand over the 75 years that it had been active. This really interested me because I don’t know much about Air New Zealand or Airplanes so I went around reading the facts that were printed on the wall.

Next we made our way to the second floor. When we arrived on the second floor we found ourselves at the Origins Gallery. There we also found our Aunty and her family plus my Grandpa. We eventually ended up exploring the rest of the Museum together. Later we walked over to the Weird and Wonderful Gallery. The Weird and Wonderful Gallery had to be one of my favourite Galleries at the Museum. Mainly because it was so colourful and vibrant. Plus it featured a lot of interesting things, like Dinosaurs Bones and Insects.

Later on we arrived at the Volcano Gallery. The Volcano Gallery had to be my favourite Gallery. This is because it had a really cool display of a Volcano. But also because it featured some really interesting facts about Volcanoes, like that Volcanoes had been erupting here every few thousand years for the last 250,000 years. The Volcano Gallery was also my Aunt’s favourite Gallery. After we explored the Volcano Gallery we headed for the top floor, which was the War Memorial Gallery.

Throughout the Top Floor there were galleries of the Wars that involved New Zealand. Which included the Holocaust Gallery, the Boer War Gallery, the WWII Gallery etc. There were other Galleries on that floor including the Zero Gallery, the Spitfire Gallery and the Armoury Gallery. My favourite gallery on that floor had to be the Holocaust Gallery. This was because the Holocaust had always triggered my interest so it was really cool that I had a chance to learn more about it. It had also shown some really fascinating facts about WWI and WWII. After exploring the last gallery we ended up back at the beginning.

We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. But since it was still blazing hot we were really tired so decided to go straight home. That day I was really glad that I had decided to go the Museum because I really enjoyed myself and plus I loved seeing the different Galleries. Now I can’t wait for the next time I go there.


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