Friday, 19 June 2015

Writing: Swimming!

Today during lunch time most of Room 7 went for a swim. It was very exciting for me because we got to have free time and it was my favourite part of the day! Everyone got ready and then we all went into the pool. We had to take the cover off first. We all jumped in the pool and started having fun.

Eve through a quarter of the rest of the class was not swimming. They had to stand outside the tent and watch us have fun. It wasn’t really cold at all, it was actually warmer than yesterday's swim. We all went on eachother shoulders and we all played with the Swimming Noodles. It was really, really fun! We attacked each other and we also just went under the water.

It was all fun.. until Mrs Tui told us to get out of the pool. None of us did but we had to. So we all hopped out and then we all got changed. Today was a really fun day for me because I was with my friends having a heap of fun! My highlight was going on other people's shoulders because it felt really, really awesome. After the swim I felt extremely happy because I had a lot of fun. I hope that we can swim on Monday again.

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