Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Explanation Writing, Best Friends :-)

Today I am going to be explaining about what friendship is. Friendship is when you spend time with somebody who you can tell your secrets to and share your emotions with. The different parts of friendship are honesty, respectfulness, helpfulness, loyalty, inspiring  and most important of all love.

Friendship will only work if you are honest to each other. If you help each other and respect each other. If you show that person loyalty and if you love that other person.

Why friendship is so important is because without friends there will be no one to help us to get through tough times. They keep us company and comfort us. If we didn’t have any friends then the world would be very sad.

My bestfriends are Annalise, Monique and Rosalina. They are my best friends because they are funny and they make me laugh. They help me when times are hard. They are my best friends because they understand me and I can be myself around them.

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  1. Hey Alecia, What a great explanation writing. I love how you descripe what a good friend is. Keep up the Great work.
    From Sonya


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