Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Holiday Surprise

On a marvelous Sunday noon after church my family and I hurried to the car. We had to hurry to the car because we were going to go to a garage sale. So we left church and drove back home to get changed for the garage sale. 

When we all got changed and ready we drove off. The garage sale was at Mt Wellington. But instead of going to Mt Wellington we went to Sylvia Park. When we got into Sylvia Park we saw my Aunty Karissa and her kids. She also came with her husbands little brother his name was Christian. I said to my Dad with confusion, "what are we doing here?" He said that we were going to the Movies.

When we met together I was really thrilled because we were going to the Movies. I was wondering what we were going to watch.

So we went to the Movie Theatre and booked our tickets and seats. The Movie that we were going to watch was Despicable Me Part 2. I had already seen Despicable Me Part 1 and it was really cool so I thought that Part 2 would be really funny.

We started to buy the Food but then they were too expensive so me and my Aunty Karissa went to Pak'n'Save to buy some Ice creams. After we had bought the Ice creams my Aunty and I rushed back to the Theatre.

When we got back to the Theatre everyone was already sitting down on the couches and eating the Popcorn. While we were waiting my cousin and I went to the Arcade Room with my Dad. My Dad was playing a game, it looked really fun so I joined him.

After when my Dad and I lost and died in the game it was time to go back and wait. When we entered the Cinema it was dark as the nights sky, but we could see a little bit. When we had found our seats we all sat down and my Dad passed the Popcorn to us and we waited again.

Next we started to eat a little bit of our Popcorn and watched the advertisements that appeared on the screen. The screen was really long and wide. While the advertisements were going on the lights seemed to dime a little darker and darker and darker. When the advertisements were finished the lights went pure dark. It was silent like a Library and I was so excited. When the Movie begun there was a picture on the screen and also on the screen there were names of the people who invented the film.

The Movie was about a Villan who really becomes a spy and has a partner to protect the world. In some parts it was really funny and in some parts were really weird.

My highlight in the Movie was when another Bad Guy makes a kind of chemical that makes people or animals turn into a Purple Monster.

At the end of the Movie when everyone exited the Theatre I wished that I could watch it again because it was so hillarious and awesome.

Next time when I go to the Movies I want to see an Action Movie and enjoy eating the Popcorn and Ice Cream. =)


  1. Awesome Alecia, sounds like a fun day out. I haven't seen that movie yet, everyone I know who has seen it says it is a great movie!

    Great to see you sharing your experiences on your blog. Keep it up :-)

  2. What a fabulous recount of what sounds like a fun day. I enjoyed reading it

    Mrs Burt