Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Bracket Fungi Reading Activity Week 8

Bracket Fungi is like a type of mushroom. It is called a Bracket Fungi because the bracket is like a shelf. Bracket Fungi is mostly found in unhealthy trees or rotting trees. The Bracket Fungi is quite strong.

Bracket Fungi are not plants. They are the same as mushrooms and toadstools but mushrooms are much more softer than a Bracket Fungi. Plants make their own food by using a process called photosynthesis. Bracket Fungi absorbs their food from rotting wood.  

How new Bracket Fungi grow is by these things called spores and then they are spread through a tiny tube on the inside of the fungi. Spores are these white things on the Bracket Fungi. These spores grow more and more until there is hundred and thousands of them.

Bracket Fungi are usually growing on rotting trees. They are like forest recyclers. They help break down the wood that has fallen off the trees to make room for new seedlings. They also provide homes for insects. If Bracket Fungi stay in the water for too long then it will get black and rubbery. Another name for the Bracket Fungi is Shelf Fungi.

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