Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Autobiographical Poem

Alecia H
Helpful, Forgiving, Funny
Sister of Sonya
Who loves family, friends and God
Who feels happy about family
Who needs food, water and shelter
Who gives food, money and water
Who fears spiders, sharks and crocodiles
Who would like to see wild animals
Who dreams of being a veterenarian
A student at St Pius X Catholic school


  1. that was amazing and I love your writing bye .

  2. I love your wore Alecia it is so amazing I like what you said about you and you are cool at writing
    and I think you can type fast and good luck.

  3. I love your autobiographical poem because it a nice
    work and i love the way that you done your work.

  4. Great Autobiographical Poem Alecia I love the words
    you used and also I'm glad you feel caring for those who need things and also I'm looking forward to read more or your work.